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Available Services


Business Branding

This service is best for if you have an established business,  you have your business license, and now you're wanting to grow!  launch! 


Services Include:

  • Logo 

  • Website Creation

  • Branding Kit

  • Brand Awareness

  • Trademark/Copyright

  • Loyalty


Virtual Styling

​This service is for you, if you're wanting a styling guide, boast your fashion confidence, and exclusively tailored to you styles. 

Services Include:

  • Collective Styling Guide

  • Year-Round Seasonal Styling 

  • Direct Links to Pieces 

  • Full Ensemble Lookbook

  • Exclusive Styles & Pieces 

  • Customized & Tailored Style


Social Media Kit

This service is for you if you're looking to increase clientele through social media channels as well brand collaborations to reach a broader audience online.


Services Include:

  • Organic Growth

  • Content Creation/Planning

  • Business Collaborations 

  • Organization

  • Photography/Videography 

  • Social Media Insights


Returning Clients

This is for customers who've already had previous services completed, but would like to touch base on certain areas since previous sessions.

Services Include:

  • Website Updates / Maintenance

  • Flyers 

  • Social Media Content Posts

  • Photography/Videography

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Any Business Updates


Business Development

This service is for you if you're at the start of  the entrepreneurship journey and you're wanting help planning out your business model. 

Service Include:

  • Taxes

  • Business Plan

  • Business Credit

  • Business Implementation   

  • State Business Accreditations & Partnership Resources 


Current Clients

This is for customers who've already paid their invoice, but not yet completed their services with me! If we have not agreed to a set service, nor you haven't paid your invoice, please do not book this service. Your appointment will be cancelled if you haven’t already paid for your service/package!

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