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What To Wear: Travel Edition

As a frequent traveler, I travel light and I want to share with my traveling tips that will help you be fabulous, fashionable and frill during frequent travels!

Before traveling, I like to use my "Vous Évoluer Planner" as it has a fashion wardrobe capsule included. This is great for planning what I'll be wearing for vacations, parties, and any other significant events. Look below to purchase your now! Also you can save 10% when you subscribe to the news letter, click here to sign up!

What I wear during travel:

"To be fabulous, fashionable and frill" I always strive to be cute and comfortable when I travel. So how do you be cute and comfortable? I always start with the outfit first. Whether I'm going to wear sweats or jeans, I am going to be comfortable first. I remember when I first began traveling, I had to be cute always even if it meant uncomfortable. As time went and the more frequent travel became, I switched up my M.O.

If you have TSA Pre-check then you'll be saving yourself half the hassle. You don't have to remove clothing or take items out you bag. However, if you don't, no big deal you'll still get to where you're going...just extra steps along the way. This is why for me, sweat-suits are always convenient when traveling because one, its comfortable. Two, it's cold in the airport 99% of the time and I don't like taking off all of my clothing items. Take a basic 3 piece sweat-suit, add a designer bag, nice sneakers, watch, and a pair of glasses, to make your look go from monotonous to fabulous!

Outfit set: Pretty Little Thing, Backpack & Sunglasses: Coach, Watch: Michael Kors, Sneakers: Nike x Off-White

How to travel light:

When traveling, you want this process to be seemingly effortless. From getting to the airport, checking in, getting through TSA, and actually boarding the plane. But to do this while under time crunch and look fabulous may seem like way too much. I'm here to tell you it's possible!

Click here for this beautiful luggage set!

If you're like me, a procrastinator, start packing the week of your trip lol if you leave Friday, start packing Monday! One important thing about traveling light, depends on the luggage you bring. If you're doing a checked bag, you have more lead way with what you travel with like your beauty, accessories and clothes. Sometimes a checked bag isn't on your itinerary, but a carry-on is more your thing, just make sure you're following the TSA guidelines of what you can and cannot bring. Click here for more details on TSA!

I always plan out my outfits out to coordinate with each other, in case I ever need to change plans. Here is a few tips to try when you're traveling;

  • Try to plan your outfits around one or two pairs of shoes - this is allowing you to be coordinated and more room for other necessities.

  • Try to stick with a color scheme - try something like nudes, creams, pinks and white or black with a pop of color. This will also allow you to change up your outfits last minute.

  • Try pin/pinch rolling your clothes - this is the process of folding your clothes and then rolling them like a beach towel. Again, this is freeing up space in your luggage.

Leave comments below to let me know what you think! Or even better, tell me your process of how you travel!

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